Road Safety

Cycling on Wakehurst Parkway

Dangerous Studs, Lips, Potholes, & Edges

Downer EDI ... said it was cheaper to install the studs where they are and that the lip met specifications. This is contrary to RMS’s charter on maintenance works and puts cyclists at considerable risk for the sake of a few dollars! It is important to understand that previously the studs did not interfere with cyclists, so the new work has been carried out in the full knowledge of its deleterious impact on cyclists.


It is manifestly obvious from the photos that the studs have been installed just at the point where the ‘lane’ starts to narrow, to its narrowest point on the whole Parkway, while the lip adds to the danger, simply because Downer failed to extend the new bitumen by a few centimetres. Currently, there is barely room to thread one’s bike through the studs, lip and potholes. The contractors did exactly the same thing some years ago along a much longer section of the Parkway, but were directed to reposition them.


This casual disregard for cyclists’ safety is simply unacceptable. It really is time that RMS actually gave effect to its own standards and didn’t allow its contractors to hide behind technical specifications justifying doing the cheapest job, notwithstanding the danger to which it exposes cyclists.

Strategic Recommendations

For RMS, Downer EDI

That .....

1. studs be repositioned as a matter of priority

2. lip on the bitumen be removed and

3. Downer EDI be instructed to ensure that all future work on the Parkway enhances, rather than detracts from cyclists’ safety.