Public Access

Barriers Blocking Footpath

Manly Council Depot, Balgowlah Road

Two barriers were erected on the footpath along Balgowlah Road (apparently by Manly Council) many weeks ago, blocking over 50% of the shared path (see picture).


The Pedestrian Council says that it is illegal to block public paths without authority, so have these obstacles been authorised by the Manly Traffic Committee?


If the rationale is that they are needed because of exiting vehicles, it would be necessary to partially block hundreds of sections of paths in Sydney, which cross driveways, that are themselves on public land. All that is required in terms of user safety, is the warning sign that is already there, so you can then remove the barriers to restore free and legal public access.

Strategic Recommendations

For Manly Council

That .....

1. the barriers blocking the footpath outside Manly Council Depot in Balgowlah Road be removed to restore free and legal public access.